Nick's California Police Sheriff SWAT Patches for Trade and Need List

Nick's California Police Sheriff
Patch Trade List

Here are some photos from my collection:
patches and badges
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A bunch of fake patches have been surfacing on ebay again, thanks to one ebay seller 'abqmetal'. This is being reported by a fellow collector Will Tully Jr.'s website at:

December 24, 2010 - A fake North Sacramento PD patch just got listed on ebay. It appears to be made by a multihead computerized embroidery machine. The authentic patches were made using the Schiffli embroidery.

October 23, 2010 - A word of caution on the two current style patches being offered on ebay this week by a seller in New York. FYI, this same seller had for sale an authentic Hemet PD and Signal Hill PD patches on ebay, which had ended on September 11, 2010. The Hemet PD patch sold for $39 while the Signal Hill PD patch fetched over $42. Since they sold for so much money, now this same seller seems to be offering these highly suspicious knock offs of the originals to unsuspecting collectors out there. The discrepancies between the suspected fakes and the authentic version patches are fairly obvious if you study the photos in the gallery section of my website.

Spring, 2010 - It has come to my attention that several suspected and confirmed counterfeit California patches are being sold on ebay by a seller in Florida and now sellers out of Kuwait and Las Vegas, NV. Use extreme caution when committing large sums of money on these probable fakes, as they are worth zero trade value in my book. Save your money and attend the next patch show.

In any case, here are photos of some highly suspicious fake or confirmed counterfeit patches:
Highly suspicious fake North Sacramento Police patch Highly suspicious fake Signal Hill Police patch Highly suspicious fake Hemet Police patch Confirmed fake Redding Police patch Confirmed fake Fountain Valley Police patch Confirmed fake San Pablo Police OIF/2010 patch Confirmed fake Stockton Police patch Confirmed fake Stockton Police subdued patch Confirmed fake Stockton Police subdued patch Highly suspicious fake Lindsay Police subdued patch Confirmed fake Albany Police patch Highly suspicious fake Lassen County Sheriff patch Confirmed fake Mountain View-Palo Alto Regional SWAT patch Highly suspicious fake Tustin Police patch Highly suspicious fake Maywood-Cudahy Police subdued patch Confirmed fake California Highway Patrol subdued patch

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